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Lactation Support

My primary goal as a lactation professional is to provide families with comforting support and evidence-based education in an effort to build confidence as they begin their unique breastfeeding journeys.

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Before baby arrives, you and your partner may want to get prepared for infant feeding. Scheduling a breastfeeding class in the comfort of your home is a wonderful start. My classes are 1 hour and include a breastfeeding packet full of useful information. We can discuss your breastfeeding goals and I can offer tips that will hopefully instill confidence as you enter into parenthood.


I offer a comprehensive 1.5-hour in-home visit for mothers who have recently had a baby and need assistance with breastfeeding.

During the visit, I will provide guidance on:
  • Achieving a proper latch
  • Finding a comfortable breastfeeding position
  • Managing sore nipples and breast engorgement
  • Assessing milk transfer and feeding effectiveness by weighing before and after a feed
  • Answering questions about breast pumps
  • Sizing for a flange if needed
  • Troubleshooting breastfeeding problems
  • Making referrals as needed
  • Providing notes from the visit
  • Offering a 30-minute follow-up call if needed

Loved working with Katie! She is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Had great resources to my questions!
— Constance Dauzat
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